You and Your health is very important


Body Wrap, Herbs and Flower

Improves energy level in the system. Soothens and build up the physical and mental health. Body resistance power improve. Add Total beauty of the personality.

Cream and Herbs Therapy

Relaxes full body and improve flexibility soothenes in the mind. Improves blood circulation and relief pain and aches. Promote positive health in the body and mind. Eliminate the toxic in the body.

Facial Spa

Relaxes the mind; Bring the freshness in the face.

Flower And Herbs

Happiness resembles flower and herbs for health; Body mind health improves by flower and herbs; Complexion and glows improves; General health and happiness improves

Foot Spa

All parts of the body reflexly connected to feet.

Honey Rose Herbs

Calm down and relaxes the system; Soothens and improves general health; Antiseptic and improves immunity; Naturally improve beauty and peace of mind and soul.

Pressure Therapy

Natures support inform gentle to hard pressure applied by skillful therapists helps you to lose extra fats and toxins that is disease causing factors. ‘Really beneficial” you say after the day comes again with happiness.

Rejuvenative Therapy

When elimination of toxics in process the rejuvenation takes place along with the unique touch including the special therapy. It helps to rejuvenate and promotes your total health of absolute satisfaction and bliss.

Relaxine Therapy

Soothes and calm down the mind, body and soul ...perfect work out with qualified therapist, supervised by experienced doctor in Ayurveda. Genuine herbs and natural products used to take care of totally your physic, mind and demotions that mind, body and soul.

Salt Glow And Herbs

Detoxes the system and eradicate the disease; Herbs improve immunity and general health; Skin health improves and blood circulation improves.


Problem of detoxification helps to gain total health; General health improves; Body resistance improves; Kidney function improves; Heart becomes strong and healthier; Skin health improves it glows and attracts.

Turmeric Sandal All Over Therapy

Glows naturally; Complexion reaches optimum; Skin and soft tissues improves; Self confidence and will power improves; Contentment and super presentation observed; Body mind health reaches its optimum.

Therapy For Aged

With nature's strength and affection everlasting smiles by our special therapists makes you to feel difference, improves general health, mental fatigue, aches and pain vanishes.


  • improves neuromuscular flexibility and coordination
  • improves immunity
  • relaxes mind and body
  • Concentration, power and memory power improves
  • common diseases will be prevailed
  • promotes positive health, body and mind

Therapy For Children

Calm down and strengthen the system; Improves patience and develops mental faculty; Genuine herbs improves flexibility and builds muscles and joints; A nerve system and immunity boosts up; Improves confidence and will power too.

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