Executive Suite

Comfort retreat for the whole family!

In the heart of Udupi, where tradition and culture thrive, there lies a haven of spacious comfort and togetherness - the Executive Suite Rooms. For a group of travelers who want the perfect accommodation to make Udupi trip truly memorable.

The Executive Suite Room, welcomes by an inviting and spacious living area tailor-made for family. The room is thoughtfully designed to offer ample space for relaxation, storytelling, and planning your Udupi
adventures. It is the perfect setting for creating cherished memories and strengthening your bonds.

The three separate beds in the room provides each guest with a personal sanctuary, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Everyone could rest undisturbed and wake up rejuvenated, ready for the day's explorations.


The modern amenities at their disposal, from the flat-screen TV to the high-speed Wi-Fi, made their stay effortless and enjoyable. They could relax, stay connected, and take advantage of the well-stocked minibar to celebrate their Udupi experience. The room's spacious en-suite bathroom ensured that every guest had the room to prepare for the day's adventures or unwind in comfort, adding to the convenience of their stay.

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