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Udupi is noted for its stunning beaches and Hindu temples. Pilgrims flock to the Lord Shri Krishna temple, which was established in the 13th century. Udupi is roughly 70 kilometres from Mangalore Airport and may also be reached by train. Udupi has a population of about 2 lakh people and covers an area of 68.23 square kilometres, with a moderately warm and humid climate ranging from 25°C to 38°C.
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Udupi Shri Krishna Temple

The Udupi Shri Krishna Temple, located in Karnataka, India, is renowned for its unique deity of Lord Krishna and its tradition of serving delicious vegetarian food to devotees. It is a significant pilgrimage site for followers of Hinduism.

From Hotel:1.3 km | Time Required: 5 mins


Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

The Kemmannu Hanging Bridge spans the Swarna River, linking Padu Kudru and Thimmanna Kudru. Its scenic setting and unique engineering draw tourists seeking to admire the river's beauty and experience the bridge's charm.

From Hotel:10.6 km | Time Required: 24 mins


Malpe Beach

The first Indian beach with 24/7 WiFi, known for it's serene beauty as well as adventure sports held on its vast and undefiled virgin beach coastline is a perfect hotspot among tourists, Surrounded by four islands.

From hotel: 7 km | Time Required: 19mins



AaneguddeSri Vinayaka Temple houses the impressive Aane Gudde Vinayaka, a 12-foot-tall 'Udbhava Muruthi' (Natural Stone) resembling an elephant. Adorned with a golden face and silver body, it's a revered pilgrimage site.

From Hotel:30.4 km | Time Required: 37 mins


Coin Museum Corp Bank

Corp Bank is one of the famous heritage museums in India which provides informationabout banking history since its inception in 1906. The museum has more than 1,360 coins of different countries hailling from different periods

From Hotel: 450 m | Time Required: 2 mins


End Point Manipal

It is a cliff overlooking the Swarna River. It is a fairly deserted place with a peaceful vibe to it. From this point, one can see a most beautiful view of the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats in the east. One can enjoy a beautiful sunset from up here or take a walk to feel the lovely coastal breeze.

From Hotel: 7.2 km | Time Required: 17mins

hasta shilpa

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

This is an open air museum and cultural complex which aims to restore and conserve the nation's cultural wealth in the form of traditional buildings and objects of art, craft and other artefacts of aesthetic interest. This museum is a classic case of sustainable tourism that preserves and protects heritage.

From Hotel: 5.6 km | Time Required: 11 mins


Kaup Beach

Kaup beach is famously known to house and old lighthouse that was apparently built in the year 1901. It also famous for ts three Mariamma temples and a fort built by Tippu Sultan. Kaup has three Marigudi which attracts devotees from faraway places.

From Hotel:17.7 km | Time Required: 20 mins

st marys island

St. Mary's Islands

Also known as Coconut Island and thonsepar, set of four small islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe known for their distinctive geological formation o columnar basaltic lava, one of the 26 Geological Monuments of India. 6km away from the Malpe fishing Harbour.

From Hotel: 10.5 km | Time Required: 43mins


Marigudi Temple

Marigudi Temple in Kaup is a renowned Hindu shrine located in Karnataka, India. Dedicated to Lord Venkataramana, it attracts devotees with its exquisite architecture and spiritual ambiance. The temple is a cultural gem, embodying centuries of tradition and devotion.

From Hotel: 12.8 km | Time Required: 17 min


Mahalaxmi Temple Uchilla

The Mahalaxmi Temple in Uchilla is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. Located in Uchilla, India, it attracts devotees seeking blessings and spiritual solace. The temple's serene ambiance and intricate architecture inspire devotion and reverence among its visitors.

Frame Hotel: 20.2 km | Time Required:24 min


Padubidri Beach

Padubidri Beach, near Mangalore, captivates with its golden sands and tranquil waves. Nestled along the Arabian Sea coast, it offers a serene escape for sunbathers and nature enthusiasts alike, promising a blissful retreat amidst scenic beauty.

From Hotel:10.6 km | Time Required: 24 mins

divine park

Divine Park

Divine Park is a centre of dynamic spirituality, established on the life principles of Swami Vivekananda. Divine Park is located in the coastal town of Saligrama in Udupi district and conducts multiple programs under the motto of ‘man making and nation building’.

Frame Hotel: 23.1 km | Time Required: 28 mins



This place is amazing located in the malnad region in between Tirthahalli and on the way towards Agumbe. With an innate sense of adventure, spirituality, and natural bounty, Kundadri hills possess the true essence of the state

From Hotel: 78 km | Time Required: 2 hours

maravanthe beach

Maravanthe Beach

The shoreline of this serene beach runs alongside the NH 66 at a mere distance of 100 meters! On one side, the gentle waves of the mesmerizing Arabian Sea and as you look to the other side, the Kodachadri Hills make a beautiful backdrop for the Sauparnika River.

From hotel: 52 km | Time Required: 54 mins


Attur Church

In Karkala, Karnataka, lies the renowned Attur Church, a revered Christian site revered for its historical eminence and exquisite architectural craftsmanship, welcoming faithful followers and curious travelers with open arms.

From Hotel:36.1 km | Time Required: 50 mins


Karkala Basadi

In Karkala, Karnataka, stands the Chathurmukha Basadi, a revered Jain temple featuring a unique four-faced statue of Lord Adinatha, drawing admirers for its serene atmosphere and elaborate architectural design.

From Hotel:39.5 km | Time Required: 57 mins


Karkala Gomateswhara

Standing tall in Karnataka, Karkala Gomateshwara showcases a striking monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali, inviting visitors to marvel at its historical significance and embrace spiritual contemplation.

From Hotel:47.1 km | Time Required: 57 mins


Sri Mookambika Temple Kolluru

The Shri Mukambika Temple in Kollur, believed to have originated in the 8th century AD during Sri Adi Shankaracharya's time, was later renovated into a stone structure by King Venkanna Chavantha in the 11th century.

From Hotel:74.5 km | Time Required: 1 hour 24 mins



Kodachadri, located in Karnataka's Shivamogga District amidst the verdant Western Ghats, is celebrated for its dense foliage and breathtaking vistas, attracting nature enthusiasts and trekkers alike to explore its picturesque landscapes.

From Hotel:103.6 km | Time Required: 2 Hours 25 mins



Pilikula, located in Karnataka, India, is an eco-education and tourism development project sprawling across 370 acres. It comprises a biological park, a lake, a science center, a golf course, and a heritage village, offering a rich blend of nature, culture, and recreation.

From Hotel: 60.9 km| Time Required: 1 hr 23 min



Dharmasthala, a holy place in Karnataka, India, is famous for its ancient Shiva temple. Visitors come for spiritual peace, cultural beauty, and stunning surroundings..

From Hotel:101.8 km | Time Required: 2 hour 24 mins

Sowthadka maha ganapati temple

Sowthadka Maha Ganapati Temple

The Sowthadka Maha Ganapati Temple, located in Karnataka, India, is revered for its ancient architecture and spiritual ambiance. Devotees flock to seek blessings from Lord Ganapati, the deity of wisdom and prosperity, in this serene and sacred place of worship.

From Hotel: 118.5 km | Time Required: 2 hr 54 min


Kukke Subramanya Temple

In Karnataka's Dakshina Kannada district, Kukke Subramanya Temple is a cherished Hindu site honoring Lord Subramanya. People visit for blessings amidst the tranquil natural setting.

From Hotel:156.4 km | Time Required: 3 hour 30 mins


Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple

The Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple, located in Karnataka, India, is dedicated to the goddess Rajarajeshwari. Known for its unique architecture and religious significance, it attracts devotees seeking blessings and spiritual solace.

From Hotel: 64.0 km | Time Required: 1 hr 25 min



Kateel's Durgaparameshwari Temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga and situated by the River Nandini, holds cultural and spiritual importance, drawing pilgrims seeking blessings.

From Hotel:44.1 km | Time Required: 52 mins


Kuthar Koragajja Temple

Kuthar Koragajja Temple is a sacred Hindu site in Karnataka, India, dedicated to Lord Koragajja, a form of Lord Shiva. It attracts devotees seeking blessings and solace. The temple's serene ambiance and spiritual significance make it a revered destination for pilgrims and tourists alike.

From hotel: 67.2 km | Time Required: 1 hr 27 min


Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, located in Mangalore, India, is a vibrant Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Gokarnatheshwara. Established by Sri Narayana Guru, it's renowned for its distinctive architecture and spiritual ambiance, attracting devotees and tourists alike.

From Hotel: 56.3 km | Time Required: 1 hr 12 min


Kadri Manjunatha Temple

The Kadri Manjunatha Temple, located in Mangalore, Karnataka, India, is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Manjunatha, a form of Lord Shiva. It is renowned for its unique architecture, vibrant festivals, and spiritual significance.

From Hotel: 56.8 km | Time Required: 1 hr 10 min


Mangaladevi Temple

The Mangaladevi Temple, located in Mangalore, Karnataka, India, is dedicated to Goddess Mangaladevi. Built in the 9th century, it's renowned for its unique Kerala-style architecture and religious significance, attracting devotees and tourists alike.

From Hotel:62.1 km | Time Required: 1 hr 21 min


Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach in Mangalore offers tranquil shores, perfect for serene walks and picturesque sunsets. With its golden sands and soothing waves, it's a haven for relaxation and contemplation, drawing visitors seeking solace amidst nature's beauty.

From Hotel: 41.9 km | Time Required: 49 min

Tanirbavi beach1

Tanirbavi Beach

Tanirbavi Beach in Mangalore offers a serene escape with its golden sands and tranquil waves. Surrounded by coconut trees, it's perfect for leisurely strolls or enjoying a picturesque sunset. Relaxation and natural beauty await at this coastal gem.

From Hotel: 54.7 km| Time Required: 1 hr 9 min



Nisargadama, situated near Mangalore, is a serene island surrounded by the flowing Kaveri River. It offers lush greenery, tranquil boat rides, and captivating wildlife. Visitors can enjoy picnics, nature walks, and glimpses of native fauna, making it a perfect escape into nature.

From Hotel: 60.9 km | Time Required: 1 hour 23 mins


Jog Falls

in Shivamogga, Karnataka, is one of India's tallest waterfalls. Its majestic cascade, split into four distinct segments – Raja, Roarer, Rocket, and Rani – offers a mesmerizing sight, drawing visitors from far and wide to behold its natural beauty.

From Hotel: 160.8 km | Time Required: 3 hr 32 min


Agumbe sunset

Agumbe, Karnataka, paints the sky with hues of gold, crimson, and indigo as the sun bids adieu. Silhouettes dance against the horizon, nature's canvas ablaze with the final brushstrokes of the day. A mesmerizing spectacle, Agumbe sunset captures hearts in fleeting moments of beauty.

From Hotel: 58.5 km | Time Required: 1 hr 15 min


Shringeri Sarada Temple

The Shringeri Sarada Temple, located in Karnataka, India, is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. It stands as a symbol of devotion and learning, attracting devotees and seekers from far and wide.

From Hotel: 87.7 km | Time Required: 2 hr

Cultures of Tulunadu


Bhuta Kola

Bhuta Kola, a traditional ritual in coastal Karnataka, India, invokes spirits through dance, music, and elaborate costumes. It celebrates cultural beliefs, ancestral reverence, and community cohesion, embodying the rich heritage and spiritual practices of the region.



Kambala is a traditional sport native to Tulunadu, a coastal region in Karnataka, India. It involves racing water buffalo in paddy fields, showcasing the bond between humans and animals. Kambala events often feature colorful rituals, music, and fervent community participation, celebrating the region's rich cultural heritage.


Pili Nalike

Pili Nalike is a traditional folk dance of Tulunadu, a region in coastal Karnataka, India. It is characterized by rhythmic movements, colorful costumes, and lively music, often performed during festivals and cultural events, celebrating the rich heritage of the region.



Nagaradhane, a traditional ritual in South India, honors serpent deities, symbolizing fertility and protection. Offerings include milk, flowers, and prayers, fostering community bonds and spiritual harmony. Its significance lies in preserving cultural heritage and invoking divine blessings for prosperity.



Yakshagana is a traditional form of theater in Tulunadu, a region in coastal Karnataka, India. It combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, and makeup to depict mythological stories. Typically performed in open-air venues, Yakshagana has vibrant costumes, intricate makeup, and energetic performances, captivating audiences with its rich cultural heritage.


Aati Kalenja

Aati Kalenja is an ancient traditional folk art form practiced by Tulu people from the region of Tulu Nadu, India which is believed to bring prosperity during Aati which is one of the months in Tulu calendar. It normally comes in the months of July and August.


Kunitha Bhajane

Kunitha Bhajane is a traditional dance form native to Tulunadu, characterized by vibrant movements, rhythmic beats, and colorful costumes. It reflects the rich cultural heritage and religious traditions of the Tulunadu region, captivating audiences with its energetic performances.

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Good hotel in Udupi. Located in the heart of the city. Nice to visit.

Damodar Hegde

Damodar Hegde

Absolute gem. Stayed here for 3 nights and rooms were speck clean and so was restaurant

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Ranjan Manohar

Ample, safe parking space even for oversized vehicles. Best in town.

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Ayushi Nayak

It is a best place for lunch/dinner to visit with family and friends. Their rooms are good and maintain cleanliness. They have both veg and non-veg food. I tried veg which was very nice. The prices are reasonable. Overall the experience was good. You can visit with your family!!

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